The Learning Curve

This week’s assignment was to create a Whack-a-Mole game using App Inventor.

This was a fun task. I only ran into one glitch when I was trying to add an extra feature. I was able to add a sound when you whack the mole, but the same code wasn’t working for a sound for the dog. I tried 3 different sounds until I found one that worked. Either the first two sound files were corrupt, or I needed to extend the period of time for the sound to play.

I am very pleased with my customizations and the fact that I could get things to work the way I wanted them to this week. Yippee! Seems I making headway on the learning curve. Though there will likely be bumps in the road, I’m grateful for weeks like this when things work fairly smoothly.
Here’s a QR code that will allow you to download my app and run it on an Android device.

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