Today’s Adventure in Second Life

As an assignment for EdTech 532 (Educational Games and Simulations), I was to explore a role-playing community in Second Life. I can’t say I like role-playing games, but I decided to visit a pirate village.


After browsing around a bit, I found a magical painting. Touching it took me to a port out in the middle of the sea where I was told the story of John King. For a non-role-player like myself, it was nice to get a bit of background to play off of.



I strolled through the town and found several beautiful spots. This was my favorite–an amazing forest with butterflies, colorful mushrooms, and a twisted tree. I can imagine it is a spot characters may come for hand fastings.

Searching for a character to talk to about this pirate island, I only found a rat that started following me around. I had to fly to get away from it.

I decided to take a more proactive role in finding characters by using the world map. No one but myself was on the island.

I returned to visit on two other occasions, but never found anyone there. I would like to return sometime with a group to check out this game. It looks like a fun adventure involving searching for an underground monster. I’ve never played a game with a group of people in a virtual world. This could be very interesting.




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