Following a Recipe

There’s nothing like trying to follow a recipe that calls for ingredients that are no longer available. My experience with this week’s app was a little like that. The app involves using Google Maps to create a virtual tour. My app tours some of the natural wonders of the world. Very little of this app is controlled by me. The text instructed me to use a specific code, I did and, viola!

I wanted to customize it more beyond the look and changing the locations for the tour, but the options for customization either didn’t work or were no longer available. For example, I wanted to provide a street-view image of the Grand Canyon. When I followed the directions, I found that my tablet would not open up the image. I just got a black screen. I am sure Google Maps has been updated since the text was written and my tablet has it’s own way of dealing with Google Maps, so the code no longer functions as described.

When I first experienced this I thought, no problem, I’ll just take the text’s suggestion and go to to learn more about Google Map protocols. website doesn't existAs you can see, I struck out there, too.

I’m sure I could do some more searching on the web to find out more about how to get Google Maps to show what I want to show, but I am not really interested in using Google Maps. I’ve done enough to satisfy the requirements of this app. I’ll do the search and discovery when I find a need for Google Maps. By that time, I’m willing to bet the coding requirements will have changed…again.

If you are interested is seeing a birds-eye view of some of the natural wonders of the world, download my app using this QR Code. Depending on the version of Google Maps on your device, you may be able to choose Streetview and explore the areas.

QR Code

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