Geometry Quiz

This week’s assignment involved creating a quiz using a different image for each quiz question. I thought this was a great opportunity to create a geometry quiz using everyday images. Most geometric images in nature are fairly complex, so the hardest part of creating this app was to find images (that allowed for sharing under a Creative Commons license) and showed simple geometric characteristics.

After finding the images, the programming itself was fairly simple. The most fiddly part was creating a photo credit page. One area where App Inventor is lacking is the ability to customize text on the screen. I had originally chose to use a default font and used spaces to separate the text below each photo. Then I realized that this would probably look very different depending on the device this application is used on. So then I set the font to a monospace font and defined the space between by pixel width. This still may show up differently, depending on your device, but I think there’s less chance in significant shifting of text.

I think there is a way to define a table, which would be perfect for this situation, but I haven’t found information on it yet. I’ll have to do some browsing around the net to see what I can find when I need to do this again.

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