Plagiarism Video

I enjoyed creating the animation below titled Why Was I Accused of Plagiarism? The story line addresses the misconceptions I would expect most students to have about plagiarism. I started with the obvious form of plagiarism that I think most students understand–passing off someone else’s work as your own. In the discussion that follows, I addressed patchwriting and not citing the words and ideas of others.

My biggest take-away from this assignment is that creating the scenario assessed more than just my knowledge-based understanding of plagiarism. I had to apply the knowledge in such a way that I will remember the types of plagiarism longer than if I had just written a description.

I also appreciate the combined purposes of this assignment. In addition to assessing my understanding of plagiarism, it gave me the opportunity to learn yet another new tool. I think students would enjoy using Xtranormal in both creative ways and ways to show their understanding as we did in this assignment.

AECT Standards

3.1 Media Utilization — One must be aware of the types of plagiarism so as to utilize all types of media ethically.

3.3 Implementation and Institutionalization and 4.3 Delivery System Management — Teachers and administrators must demonstrate their understanding of plagiarism when implementing instructional materials and preparing materials for distribution. We cannot expect students to respect the works of others if teachers and administrators do not show respect by their actions.

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