Coding Blind

Notice: This post follows the progression of my development. To get the most up-to-date version of the app I developed, use the very last QR Code. You’re welcome to get the earlier versions, too, if you’d like to see how the app progressed.

This week’s assignment was to create an app that sends an autoreply to all incoming text messages. The outgoing message can be customized and includes your current location using the Location Sensor in the phone. In addition, the app reads the incoming text.

I am using an Android tablet, so I have no way of testing the app other than by using an emulator. The emulator seemed to work, but I don’t trust it as it stopped working at one point. If you would like to try it, use the QR code to download it to your Android phone. Let me know how it works for you.

Both last week and this week, I’ve challenged myself to create the coding for my app before looking at the code provided in the lesson. I’m feeling more confident in my ability to create code based on a description. I’m not yet ready to create the code without it being explained.

In this week’s app, I don’t quite understand the code used to initialize the screen so that it shows the outgoing message the user entered the last time the app was used. I understand why this is needed and what it does. I think it is just understanding some of the language, particularly “global”.

Even though I am challenged by something each week, I am feeling more and more confident and enjoy pushing past the requirements of the lesson to try something else. This week I tried to create an option to turn off the Location Sensor. When I tried to test it, the emulator stopped working. I’m not sure if it was due to my code or some other issue. I’m going to try testing it at another time. If I can get it to work, I’ll post it here.








Update–Later the same day

I was able to get the emulator working so I could test the feature to turn off the Location Sensor. I was doubting my understanding of “global” when really it was just the emulator that wasn’t working. My code is working as I expected it to. Use the QR Code below to get the version that allows you to turn off the Location Sensor.






















Final Update (for now) — The next day, after a good night’s sleep 😉

I wasn’t quite happy with my final product. I had wanted the user to be able to toggle on/off grid. This would make it so the user could eliminate the location information from the outgoing message for a time but turn it back on later. After reading more about how App Inventor works and sleeping on it, I was finally able to create this toggle. The updated version is available using this third QR code. Enjoy!