Building the Candy Factory

Screenshot of Level 1While it has been very tedious and detailed work, I’m enjoying building my Candy Factory app. It requires creating and keeping track of many variables. I’ve gotten hung up a few times when I didn’t have the code ordered correctly. Verifying answers requires several nested If and IfElse statements that I’ve had to tinker with to get to work the way I want. Overall, I’m pleased with my progress. When I’ve run into a snag, I’ve been able to read the code and find the error in a fairly short amount of time.

I have 3 levels of the game working. The screenshot to the right shows the program in one of my testing modes. The table is for level 1. The answer boxes are for level 2. It took a bit of testing to make sure the variables for the two different levels were working correctly. I kept the “Cartons” answer box visible for a while to make sure nothing was happening with it during Level 1.

I was going to have the user progress through all three levels of the game in one sitting, moving up a level after getting 5 problems correct. I’m thinking I’ll change that. I can let the user choose the level he/she wants to work at and progress up when they feel they are ready for the challenge. I just need to figure out a way to show a user’s progress/score after each attempt.

I’m disappointed with the look of the screens in my program. I found the perfect image to reinforce the groupings of 10 candies, but it shows up a little blah on the screen. It also takes up way too much room. I’d also like a background that gives the feel of a factory. (Oh! I need to look for a factory sound, like a whirring machine or the end-of-the-day whistle.) I wish I was a graphic artist so I could create the exact image I want.

Tomorrow I hope to show my current version to my co-workers for some constructive feedback. Once every couple of weeks we review iPad apps. I’m going to ask them to review my app as harshly as we have reviewed others. I’m sure I’ll come away with a long list of things I’ll want to fix/change.

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