App Inventor’s Power

This week’s assignment was to create a paint program. I didn’t really create it as much as I customized it. App Inventor includes all the paint functionality, so it only requires the creation and defining of a few buttons.

The app also allows you to take a picture and draw on it. Again, this functionality is already available in App Inventor. I only had to define a button to make it work.

What I wanted to do this week was to allow the user to remove a picture and return to the starting image. I searched through the defined blocks and the manual’s index, tried a few things, but couldn’t get anything to work. I think if I was more familiar with coding terms, I might have been able to figure it out. Even though App Inventor has done a lot of the work for you, I think the more familiar you are with coding terms, the more you’ll be able to do with App Inventor.

The starting image I used in my app is by Douglas Cootey. It’s from a free PDF coloring book on his site called Counting by Critters.

Here’s screenshot for my app and a QR code so you can download it to your Android device.

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