Game Development Directory

Throughout this semester I’ve been developing a game idea. To make it easier to find all of my blog entries related to my game idea, I’ve created this directory entry. Below is a list of the blog entries including links and a description of each entry.

  1. Learning Theories Mash Up — These two entries describe the learning theories I consider most appropriate for the type of learning that will occur in my game.
    Initial Post and Update
    Follow up post
  2. My (Story) — First thoughts about my game idea and the storyline behind it.
  3. My (Toys) — Two ideas for toys, or mini games, related to the larger game idea.
  4. My (Puzzles) — Two ideas for puzzles related to the toys that make a stronger connection between the toys and the larger game idea.
  5. My (Game) — The identification of the game’s goal, depending on the type of user, and how the storyline ends.
  6. Unobtrusive Assessment — A description of how assessment will be embedded in the game so as not to detract from the gaming environment but allowing for robust use of data to set a player’s learning path.
  7. Math Game Scenario — A description of the beginning of the game — how students will enter the game, get “into” the storyline, and receive their first tasks.
  8. Game Flow — A diagram showing a player’s movement through the game from entry to completion.



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