Sharon started her career in math education as a middle school math teacher. She often used games and technology to dispel frustration and awaken a joy for mathematics.

While working on her Master of Arts in Math and Computers in 1990, Sharon began working with educational publishers. This career allowed her to use her writing skills and reach more students than she could in her classroom.

Sharon’s love of technology and games has never faded. She has incorporated them into educational products as often as possible. She is now working towards a degree in Educational Technology to obtain the knowledge and education needed to create quality math educational products using the most current and effective forms of technology.

Over the past several years, Sharon has watched corporation consolidation and the economy wreak havoc on educational companies. Effective, engaging technology requires investment capital that is just not available for companies who are still trying to pull themselves out of the economic rubble. More exciting and promising products are coming out of software and technology companies. Strengthening her experience and education working with current technology is one way Sharon feels she can diversify making her a potential candidate for positions in both educational and technology companies.


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